#pushingboundaries: the motto of Covestro

#pushingboundaries Covestro: "Why not?"
In Italian we could translate this phrase as "Why not?": A simple question that summarises a world of opportunities and in a couple of words opens up a world of opportunities.
Pushing Boundaries is Covestro’s motto for 2018. It paves the path with the company’s DNA which is made of innovation and cutting-edge technology, shaping every day lives of each and everyone of the thousands of professionals who are a part of the Covestro’s world:

imagining new possibilities, using the skills and resources to open new paths with creativity, passion and commitment.

Solar powered cars thanks to Team Sonnenwagen - Powered by Covestro
Who would have thought that a solar-powered car could travel for 3000 km from Darwin to Adelaide, Australia, without a single drop of fuel? Yet, it really did happen during the World Solar Challenge 2017, thanks to the Team Sonnenwagen from Achen University powered by Covestro.
#pushingboundaries means questioning the traditional way of creating and, above all, thinking of and generating growth, basing it on new ideas and continuous research that lead to a process of sustainable innovation of products and production processes. The best way to understand what this motto means for Covestro is to look at the stories related to the product development: What does the client want? How can the company take up the challenge and translate it creatively into innovation using the most advanced technology?

The curiosity to re-tell these stories will be the proof of the crucial Covestro driver: its diversity, the ability to enter a huge variety of every day situations of each and everyone.

#PushingBoundaries is an impulse, a stimulus and a way of living and working in order to create the every day future in the spirit of sustainability.

A partially bio-based coating from PPG protects their vehicle against the temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius as well as high UV radiation and high dust content in the Outback region. The refinish coating is made with raw materials from Covestro and is particularly suited to application on body parts made of carbon fiber composites.