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Building in construction thanks to advanced polymers

An estimate attests that the construction world absorbs around 13% of the production of polymeric raw materials. The new building designs environments where to live, work, move, meet: places dedicated to carrying out activities and functions, in which the particular characteristics of the polymers find the full application: lightness, durability, insulation, economy, ease of use.

Polycarbonate, polyurethane, films, adhesives, coatings: polymers change living spaces

Covestro means high technology applied to polymeric raw materials and sets new standards for the construction industry with a wide range of products that respond to the needs of both private and industrial and public buildings.

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Environmental sustainability is the focal theme when it comes to building materials, both in the production phase and in the moment of the last life cycle of a product and its disposal.

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Polymeric materials have always been chosen in the building industry due to their cost/benefit ratio. Ease of processing and installation times are fundamental parameters.

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Ecological issues and new lifestyles introduce the concept of smart housing. The building world is looking for solutions to create efficient buildings designed on people's needs.

Knowing how to adapt quickly to the new needs of entrepreneurs, architects, and engineers: it is an attitude written in the DNA of Covestro, which proposes and manufactures new materials that have superior functions and performance.

Efficient insulation with polyurethane foam panels for walls and facades

For the insulation and waterproofing of surfaces, Covestro offers solutions that have high fire safety, a low environmental impact and a correct quality/price ratio.

Polyurethane foams and systems combined with polyurethane offer lasting performance and a better overall energy balance than conventional materials. For manufacturers, there is the advantage of low-cost installation, customized solutions and a reliable and widespread supply network in the area.

Insulating panels for walls, roofs, and floors with polyurethane foams

Rigid polyurethane foam can easily retain heat thanks to its low thermal conductivity. Thus it is possible to reduce the energy required for heating and cooling by more than 50%. Also perfect for restoring dated or historic buildings, the polyurethane insulating panels are:

  • light - do not affect the overall weight of the structure
  • efficient - you can get to the parameters of a passive house
  • quick to install - designed to reduce time
  • thin - even indoors they do not sacrifice useful living space
  • economic - made with attention to production and installation costs.

Sandwich panels: metal and polyurethane joined for high performance

Polyurethane systems can be combined with coatings such as aluminum, sheet steel or composites reinforced with fiberglass during the foaming process. Metal coatings provide greater stability in structural applications, while a polyurethane foam core effectively absorbs heat, vibration and other loads.

Prefabricated wall panels can also be used successfully in economic residential construction due to its assembly speed which reduces construction time and replaces the traditional external sheath. The combination of polyisocyanates on the outside and polyurethane spray foam in the cavity of the wall can be varied in thickness and meet the insulation needs of any climatic zone.

Polyurethane wall coverings: protection, sustainability, and beauty of facades

Covestro has created a polyol based dispersion product based on polyisocyanates crosslinkers. The advantages of wall-coverings are:

  • quick drying
  • durability
  • elasticity
  • resistance to chemical agents
  • resistance to atmospheric agents
  • UV resistance.

The specific formulation of the product makes the dirt slip: the shiny surfaces remain so over time. The low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC) reduces odors: a sustainable and ecological coating solution.

Roof insulation with polyurethane panels and membranes

Whether they are pitched or flat, the roofs are one of the critical points of the buildings due to the infiltration of water that endangers the healthiness and stability of the building. An even more significant problem in the presence of wood as a structural element of the period buildings or the new biocompatible building that favors lamellar beams.

Covestro polyurethane insulating panels represent the ideal solution for strength and lightness. Efficient and thin, they are suitable for use in residential construction, even on terraces, green roofs, hanging gardens and balconies.

Waterproofing membranes: resistant but flexible protection for roofs and facades

Both in the case of new constructions and maintenance of existing buildings, liquid polyurethane waterproofing membranes represent lasting and decisive protection.

It is a polyurethane-based elastic product that provides seamless coverage with superior adhesion even on uneven surfaces or around integrated structures. Rapid hardening ensures easy application. Thanks to its flexibility, it can expand and contract in solidarity with natural structural movements.

Floors: polyurethane coatings and sealants

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Whether it is domestic or industrial flooring, high traffic surfaces or heavy use, a floor must resist foot traffic and maintain beauty and functionality over time.

Covestro has studied polyurethane-based sealing products and rapid polymerization technologies to ensure reliable and long-lasting protection for domestic or commercial parquet floors, industrial floors and areas of use such as parking lots, hospitals, gyms.

Coating for floors in the home: putting together resistance and health

Polyurethane floor coverings are formulated to limit solvent emissions and obtain high standards of air quality in living spaces. Two-component or one-component sustainable water-based products are also available.

For wooden floors, it is important to use quick-drying products that enhance the beauty of the material and give lasting protection.

The properties of polyurethane and fast curing polyaspartic resin offer great design freedom in the design of the floor. During application, it is possible to add design elements to the resin, transparent or single-color, to create a colored and non-yellowing "polyurethane carpet", elegant, resistant and seamless.

Industrial and commercial flooring: little time to make them, a lot of time to consume them

Covestro has studied specialized products for walkable surfaces subject to intense traffic such as floors intended for commercial environments and production spaces. Dedicated to various materials (wood, concrete or PVC), the products combine the speed of use, quick-drying and very high mechanical resistance.

Where it is important to keep the flooring free of cracks, levelled and easy to clean and repair, even in difficult conditions, Covestro polymers become fundamental allies of a good result and unbeatable durability. Each product can be customized according to specific production needs by changing elasticity, electrical conductivity, antibacterial properties or emission behaviour.

The great slip resistance and the high load-bearing qualities of the viscoplastic and abrasion-resistant polyurethane coatings make Covestro polyurethane ideal for parking flooring applications. Processed in combination with epoxy resin primers, they fill the cracks in concrete surfaces caused by heavy loads, resist salt, automotive fluids, and water. Fast curing reduces maintenance times to a minimum and the structures are protected against corrosion.

Highly specialized environments: flooring for gyms

Sports floors in indoor and outdoor arenas need the right combination of properties to support players in terms of mobility and safety. Besides, the surfaces must look good and last for many years. High-quality polyurethane coatings for sports floors offer excellent surface elasticity, the right bounce property and slip resistance. They are extremely resistant and compatible with coloring materials to be customized.

Plant engineering: the soul of the buildings. High-performance polymers for pipes and cables that protect, reinforce and insulate

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The plants transport essential substances for the livability of the spaces: water, gas, air, fuel. If outside they move resources continuously without the need for mobility on the road, inside homes and spaces they distribute the essential resources for working and living.


The systems are asked for strength, durability, corrosion protection, waterproofness, and thermal insulation.

With plastic polymers, reliable, resistant and efficient systems are created:

  • thermoplastic polyurethane for pipes
  • rigid polyurethane foams for insulation
  • polymeric coatings for protection.

Pipes and pipelines: plastic materials resistant to chemicals

With thermoplastic polyurethane, custom-made plastic pipes are made. Covestro polymer is highly extrudable, it solidifies quickly to give superior dimensional stability and minimum tolerances. The ester-based TPU also resists burst pressures up to 25 bar and is perfect for pneumatic and pressure control systems, such as for fuel or chemical pipelines.

Rigid polyurethane foams as a coating for pipes: lasting protection

Rigid polyurethane foams provide greater energy efficiency in the pipes and drastically reduce the exchange of heat with the external environment. Covestro laboratories support customers with tailor-made projects for pipes that are in the range between 5 and 2,000 mm and have insulation thicknesses up to 250 mm. PU foam has exceptional insulation, good mechanical strength, high heat stability, and low water absorption.

Where necessary, Covestro technology offers the possibility of spraying the fast-hardening polymer directly on the metal, with a result similar to that of traditional products but with great speed and ease of execution.

All Covestro solutions for plant engineering are:

• versatile - materials can be used to coat, manufacture and insulate pipes and cables

• robust and flexible - resistant to mechanical stress, impact, and damage

• sustainable - increase the longevity of the plants and minimize energy losses

• customizable - optimized for specific applications or requests.

Polyurethane and polymer films for doors and windows: protection and insulation

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Doors and windows are the main energy loss points of buildings. Making them efficient with coatings, films and specially designed products is indispensable for reaching energy-sustainable buildings.

It is also essential to protect the frames and surfaces from UV rays, humidity and dust so that they do not lose their mechanical and insulating characteristics over time.

The polyurethane coatings, films, and polyurethane pultrusion products are suitable for the needs of the window and door industry.

Polyurethane in high-performance coatings for windows

Polyurethane-based coatings protect the surfaces of doors and windows, improve their appearance and extend their service life economically. Water-based UV coatings are the best solution for industrial coating applications because they are sustainable and environmentally friendly. The water-based UV coatings dry almost immediately and allow speed and greater production efficiency.

Industrial polyurethane coatings protect windows and doors

To improve the insulation of doors and windows at a highly competitive cost, Covestro offers a polyurethane pultrusion product. Mechanical properties such as strength and rigidity make pultruded polyurethanes (PU) superior to polyester resin systems. This guarantees long-term stability and very high performance for airtightness, water, and resistance to wind force. Polyurethane has higher reactivity than epoxy resins, thus obtaining a higher processing speed and a consequent decrease in costs.

Large resistant and transparent windows with polyurethane film

Contemporary architecture considers light fundamental and designs buildings with large glass walls. The transparent surfaces are made of laminated glass and polycarbonate sheets or are completely acrylic. For the lamination of the glass-coated polycarbonate, Covestro has developed the only adhesive compatible with both two materials: an aliphatic film in thermoplastic polyurethane (ATPU).

The polyether-based ATPU film/sheet is self-priming, maintains its physical properties over a wide temperature range and compensates for the greater thermal expansion of polycarbonate than glass during lamination. The elastomers, resistant and durable, improve the impact resistance of the final laminate, keeping the glass intact and glued to the PC plate after impact. The aliphatic compounds help the resistance to atmospheric agents and prevent the yellowing caused by UV rays.

The film is perfect for public spaces, because it has anti-hurricane and vandalism protection, and also in situations where ballistic or anti-intrusion security protection is required.

The thermoplastic polyurethane film is:

  • ultra-resistant: against corrosion, UV rays, atmospheric agents, chemicals and fire
  • strong: high mechanical strength and structural rigidity
  • insulator: an excellent alternative to the synthetic resin systems used in pultrusion
  • sustainable: the aqueous base represents an ecological solution.