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Polymers for effective and sustainable cosmetics

It is not only with the selfie-generation that the growing trend of cosmetics in recent years is explained. Taking care of your person is putting yourself in a positive way towards others. Give value to yourself and express the desire to be in a relationship: cosmetics is not appearance but a contemporary need.

In 2018, made in Italy cosmetics grow by 2% with a total turnover of 11.2 billion (source: Ass. Cosmetica Italia). These are products that are also affirming themselves on the international market with an export growth that is second only to wines and with a commercial balance (+ 8.1%) that exceeds sectors such as fashion and eyewear.

In this context, companies need to be able to count on the impeccable quality of the raw materials used. Covestro polymers provide exactly that. They set new standards in the cosmetic sector and present unparalleled quality in terms of yield and protection.

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Safety and efficacy

Protecting consumer health is paramount. All raw materials are tested to comply with toxicity and tolerability parameters. Strict analysis protocols and compliance with the most stringent regulations.

coating per cosmetici

Pleasant use

Components that ensure easy-to-apply, durable textures with stable colors. The ease and sensation of softness are decisive factors in the success of a cosmetic product.

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Products focused on the need to minimize the impact on the environment with attention to the biodegradability of raw materials. A line of ecological polymers suitable for bio cosmetics.

What sets Covestro apart is the cooperative entrepreneurial approach. The ability to develop customized solutions not only "for" partners in the sector but "together" with their research and development teams.

Cosmetic coating for all beauty products: from makeup to hair care

Due to their advanced and multifunctional properties, Covestro polymers are the ideal base for skin and hair care products, for sun care and makeup. They form a clear, odorless and breathable film that protects and moisturizes. The production process also allows the design of unique flexible, breathable and biodegradable polymer structures. Cosmetic coatings also offer excellent water and humidity resistance.

The growing need for more sustainable products is satisfied with the new ecological bio-based line with the same advantages as the classic line.

Covestro cosmetics raw materials offer:

  • water resistance: for long-lasting make-up or long-lasting sun protection;
  • resistance to humidity: for long-lasting hair creases or better manageability of the hair;
  • flexibility: to obtain elastic and natural curls;
  • breathability: for a face and body care that respects the functionality of the dermis;
  • biocompatibility: for natural-based formulas with high biodegradability.

Products for personal hygiene and beauty treatments

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Skincare products must be pleasant to apply; have excellent moisturising and protective abilities; be resistant to rubbing but also light and breathable.

Polymers are fundamental in the composition of products such as day creams or anti-wrinkle creams where they increase the rheological capacity and decrease the feeling of greasiness. They create a film on the skin that protects it from air pollution. The coating effect offers a perfect uniform base for make-up.

A truly healthy color on the skin: makeup film-formers

Makeup products are designed primarily with the health of consumers in mind.

Polyurethane aqueous dispersions are eco-compatible and easy to use in cosmetic formulas. These are innovative products that give superior comfort and breathability and have a good moisturising effect.

The fundamental objective of the polymers in the cosmetic field is to give a smooth consistency to the final product and a lasting seal, excellent resistance to water and sweat and a no-transfer effect.

Polymers are used in products for:

  • skin: liquid foundation and primer
  • eyes: mascara, eyeliner, eye shadows
  • lips: lipsticks and lip glosses
  • hands: nail polish.

Nail polishes: sustainability is possible with ecological films

The pleasantness and beauty of a well-groomed hand are obtained at the price of the abundant use of solvents and paints that are harmful to the person and the environment. Covestro has developed a water-based film for long-lasting enamel formulations that is easy to remove, does not smell and gives a good chromatic result. To agree to sustainability and beauty.

Do we know what we put on our heads? Polymers at the service of hair care

Haircare also enjoys the same economic growth as cosmetics. In this sector, the demand for sustainable, transparent, green products is increasingly strong, without sacrificing performance.

Lacquers, gels or lotions must guarantee high performance and protection. Do not think that any part of the body is subjected to such invasive treatments as hair, which must resist temperatures above 100 ° C, while colouring and permanents deeply affect the keratin and the structure.

Covestro offers solutions dedicated to every aspect of hair care. Film-forming polymers have excellent protection, restructuring and styling properties. Cosmetics with high resistance to humidity or heat protection can be formulated and together give brilliance and lasting hold.

Covestro offers raw materials for:

  • styling gel: polymers that allow advanced formulations for the hairstyle and that balance the stronghold with a natural and non-sticky sensation;
  • Thermo protectors: eliminate the risks associated with the use of hair straighteners. The polymeric film-forming agents are heat resistant, protect the hair from temperatures up to 270 ° C and offer a flexible hold and a perfect finish on dry hair;
  • restructuring: for stressed, colored and damaged hair. They avoid breakages and split ends. The film-forming agent's coat without weighing down the hair structure and compact the keratin scales.

Polymer components for sun protection: safe for adults and children

coating per cosmetici

The increased risk for the skin resulting from excessive exposure to the sun has made sun protection a fundamental aspect of beauty products.

Covestro polymers have all the properties to make every type of sun protection perfect.

The film-forming substances for sun filters have exceptional water resistance and an improved UV factor. The sensory properties deriving from polymers increase their effectiveness because:

  • are easier to use
  • spread evenly
  • dry quickly
  • they are not sticky.

They are also ideal in addition to normal day moisturisers.

Polyurethane-based sunscreens contain fewer allergenic substances as emulsifiers and preservatives than those based on traditional materials.