Milan Design Week 2018 - 17/22 april

Performance and aesthetics - signs of innovation

To design innovating
delight the light
Diversity Day annually organizes two editions of Career Day, a Milan (reference for central-northern Italy) and one in Rome (reference for central-southern Italy):
Covestro will be present on June 5 in Milan at the Bocconi University!

The primary objective of the events is to facilitate access to the labor market to people with disabilities and belonging to protected categories through direct contact with company managers.

The events are also a moment of meeting and gathering to be able to compare in person between companies, universities, institutions and operators in the sector.

Diversity Day is not just an event, a meeting, a matching of job supply and demand, but an integrated project at the service of companies, candidates, universities, colleges and institutions.

The Project is divided into several points during the year:

- Events
- Search and selection
- Bureaucratic formalities and tax concessions
- Support for placement and tutoring
- Financed training
- Spot events (in-depth analysis of individual disabilities, technology at the service of disability, regulatory updates, news in the field of labor law, meetings in universities with company selectors, return of statistical questionnaires administered to candidates)
- Diversity and inclusion award
The project was realised in partnership with Scaffsystem, leader in solutions for logistics and industrial & residential architecture, with Officine Tamborrino, a company founded by Scaffsystem that designs and produces metal furniture for residential use and open spaces in collaboration with important international designers, with Velux, a Danish company specialising in the production of windows and and skylights and with D3Wood, a Lecco company producing interior furnishing with zero-k lumber that comes from the Prealpine foothills or urban demolition & reconstruction sites.
Shared House Lambrate, designed by Laps Architecture and Politecnico di Milano, was another opportunity seized by Covestro to bring its know-how to the heart of Milan Design Week, particularly in the Lambrate-Ventura district which over the years has proved to be one of the most creative and progressive. Shared House Lambrate turned out to be a wonderful space to be shared, with free access, where the experimentation of a lifestyle mixes with the unpredictable suggestions of contemporary art thanks to the in-house presence of the Argentinian visual artist Elizabeth Aro. Makrolon® polycarbonate sheets were used in the interior and exterior walls of the house, which took advantage of the transparency as well as light filtering, in addition to the well-known characteristics of versatility, resistance and transparency. Shared House Lambrate has renewed its partnership with Politecnico di Milano, Scaffsystem and Officine Tamborrino: a prestigious and effective collaboration that allows Covestro materials to be used to their full potential in terms of innovation and sustainability.