Booklet new registered office

On 12 October 2018 the new registered office of Covestro S.r.l. was inaugurated in Filago, and it was the first building of the Covestro era built from the ground up.

A building was chosen that expressed Covestro values and integrated the technical and functional component typical of a production site with the representative and communication component typical of a headquarters. Furthermore, we wanted to introduce a new concept of work space.

A representative architecture was created in a context where "functionality" dominates:

  • The building appears after having crossed the productive areas = symbolic value, factor of identity
  • Dialogue with the context through a rigorous architectural language in the composition of the volumes and in the choice of materials

The building was designed with sustainability in mind:

  • Environmental, with an efficient building
  • Social, looking at the well-being and comfort of employees
  • Economic, concerning costs and times
Cover booklet Covestro

To learn more, open the browsable booklet that talks about the new registered office.