Colorful in the values, developing colors

A worldwide connected net of color development centers
Colors developed in one CCDC is available worldwide anytime and can be produced in other sites with high color consistency and capability.

Launched in 2004 and strengthened in facilities, the center is the reference point for Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Color Competence Center
It joins the CCDC of Newark (USA) and other 5 present in Thailand, India, China and Korea, which respectively follow the North American and Asian markets.

The Color Competence and Design Center aims to be a meeting point between clients, designers and all the "color community". Covestro offers customers its expertise and technical equipment to help them to find the best solutions to the various problems related to color. Covestro, with its know-how on products, evaluate whether and how to implement already in the process of compounding a color or an effect on the surface finishing.

For this purpose, it was created a workspace where customers can discuss and work closely with designers to identify new trends and to develop the technologies to implement them. The center also includes a showroom, the offices of the colorists of the laboratories.