5 March 2018: Launch of the new Filago (BG) production line

Monday 5 March 2018 was a date to remember for Covestro. Mario Ceribelli, Country Head and director of the Filago plant, Michelle Jou, Global Head of the BU Policarbonati, and Jens Kaatze, Head of the EMEA Commercial Operations Policarbonati, had officially launched the new production line dedicated to the Bergamo factory composite like materials which will allow to manufacture high filled products. This new and important investment demonstrates and underlines the strategic role of Italy and Filago for Covestro and recognises that the Filago plant’s innovation and creativity are in line with those of Covestro.

"The result - declared Mario Ceribelli - is a world cutting-edge compounding plant ready to face fresh challenges and conquer new markets playing an important role as part of the Covestro’s world of innovation."

The event was attended by several special guests including a selected group of partners and customers from all around Europe, with the three hosts demonstrating the potential of the new Covestro asset emphasising the close relationship which the company wants to have with all its clients:

"We need your input-we need your suggestions"

Jens Kaatze opened the event. Today, thanks to this approach, Covestro is an innovator and a leader in the design of solutions for materials with high technological content to accompany and push the avant-garde of the markets and constantly stretch the limits of what is possible, always prioritising sustainability. The exceptional results of the fiscal year 2017 arise from the ability to respond to the growing demand for highly performing plastic materials and confirm Covestro’s position as the leader in the production of the polycarbonates, polyurethanes, adhesives and other specialised products thanks to its advanced production facilities located in eight strategic areas of the world.
"Since Covestro was born, we have demonstrated exceptional courage in treading new roads,’ said Michelle Jou, ‘stimulating creativity and the search for solutions capable of responding quickly and effectively to the needs of each individual client.’ Thanks to continuous innovation, Covestro influences the future of all by being active in all the strategic sectors.

The medical sector could be an example here: the ageing of the population generates an increase in the demand for medicine administration instruments or surgical equipment. The increasing use of the smart technology requires materials that can effectively support these needs. The evolution towards smart cities will lead to a further spread of electronic devices for daily use and that demand is destined to grow further.

The day ended with a plant visit in a pleasant atmosphere of trust which strengthened the existing ties and laid the foundations for new important developments in the spirit of Covestro’s continuous evolution.