Polycarbonate multiwall sheets production for the EMEA region

Production plant

Covestro S.p.A. was established in December 1980 as Carbolux and started its manufacturing activity, at the Umbrian plant in Nera Montoro, in 1981.

3_3_Nera Montoro_1
Nera Montoro's headquarter
Since then the company has gradually expanded its facilities to become the largest Italian producer and exporter of polycarbonate multi-wall sheets. In June 1996 Bayer acquires the majority of the Carbolux shares infusing, to a company already healthy, new vitality. Following the carve-out from Bayer, it becomes Covestro on September 1, 2015. It currently has two workplaces in Italy, the plant in Nera Montoro and a part of the commercial office in Milan. The headquarter is in Leverkusen (Germany).

The plant in Nera Montoro is location of activities such as production, logistics, administration and quality control occupying an area of about 60,000 square meters.