Young Champions of the Earth 2019

Covestro and the UN in search of talents for the future of environment and innovation.

Would you like to be one of them?
Covestro Young Champions
Covestro believes in the creativity and courage of young scientists & entrepreneurs and supports Young Champions of the Earth, a competition supported by the United Nations Environment Programme that annually awards 7 best projects aimed at protecting the planet. For those aged between 18 and 30 with an idea which can shape the future, Young Champions of the Earth is a perfect opportunity to turn a dream into a concrete project at an international level. We’ve asked Barbara Scannavini, communications manager of Covestro in Italy, to tell us how to participate in the competition and the origins of this collaboration.
Why participate in Young Champions of the Earth?

Young Champions of the Earth is a perfect opportunity to give space and voice to its key projects to protect the natural environment through innovation. The award event provides a global platform facilitating important connections between shareholders and decision makers from all over the world and offering a unique opportunity to be at the centre of a global network of excellence in research. The $15,000 prize is an incentive to give a foundation to your dream helping you get in touch with your young colleagues from all over the world and allowing you to be inspired by those who share the same goal: making the world a better place through sustainability and research.

What is the link between Young Champions of the Earth and Covestro?

Covestro was born with the idea of uniting the two crucial global needs: to grow and develop in order to create a better future for everyone and to find solutions which are sustainable and protect the environment. The UN has made a special appeal to find brave and innovative solutions that combine development and environmental protection, facing up to the challenge of climate change and its consequences. Young Champions of the Earth is a way to inspire young adults between 18 and 30-years-old to come forward and share their ideas to shape the future of our planet.
Covestro Barbara Scannavini
Barbara Scannavini

The Covestro vision is global and focuses on the future, we proudly support the UN in terms of sustainability projects.

How does the theme of the future fit into the Covestro identity?

#PushingBoundaries, one of our most recognisable mottos, reflects Covestro’s principles towards the future and defines our goals: to have the courage to dare and think in new and different ways in order to find innovative solutions. The Covestro vision is global and focuses on the future, we proudly support the UN in terms of sustainability projects, even more so when they involve young people from all over the world when providing an opportunity to exchange interesting ideas.

Arpit Dhupar, Young Champion of the Earth 2018 for the Asia-Pacific region, visited the Covestro headquarters in Leverkusen, how did the meeting go?

Meeting Arpit Dhupar has shown that young people have the energy, enthusiasm and skills to contribute significantly when researching new methods to reconcile development and sustainability. The 25-year-old Arpit Dhupar works on a project whose aim is to limit some specific types of emissions from diesel generators and is already among the 30 most influential young entrepreneurs according to Forbes magazines’s annual ranking. As part of the inno.talks Covestro, he talked to his employees and collaborators about his scientific and entrepreneurial path explaining how his company, Chakr Innovation, developed Chakr Shield for diesel generators, because, without reducing their efficiency, the company managed to reduce the emission of fine dust by almost 90%. Not only that: the powders are collected and reused to produce non-polluting ink.

How can you become the new Arpit Dhupar?

To take advantage of this opportunity you should present your project by 31 March 2019 through this direct link in the UN Environment section An international panel of judges will select the 7 best projects which will become the Young Champions of the Earth 2019. We are looking for people who have the desire, courage and knowledge to see beyond the difficulties and rethink the relationship between a man and the environment: we are convinced that the world is full of young people with these qualities and Young Champions of the Earth is the best platform of exposure. As Covestro’s CEO Dr. Markus Steilemann said, over two years, Young Champions of the Earth have demonstrated that the new generations are truly committed to secure a better future for the planet, a passion which is widely shared by Covestro. Steilemann underlined that this global competition is a fantastic platform for young professionals who want to see their dreams become reality. Let’s make the world a better and more sustainable place!