"There is nothing we do that is worth getting hurt"

Safety first

"There is nothing we do that is worth getting hurt" - this is the slogan of Covestro, because the issue of safety comes first in our company.

"There is nothing we do that is worth getting hurt".

In fact, we pay the greatest attention to the welfare of our employees. In the production context we are committed to ensure that our systems and processes are unlikely to fail. We want to design our products so that they are as safe as possible for the duration of their life cycle.

Already for years the percentage of accidents in Covestro has dropped to an extremely low level. Nevertheless, the objective that in the long term we pursue is to eliminate completely the possibility of accidents. For this purpose we have introduced a number of security programs, training courses and other initiatives. Every single accident not only is recorded, but also analyzed in order to exclude in the future, as far as possible, additional sources of danger. All employees are therefore invited to regularly check the safety of facilities, laboratories and work processes. In this context it is covered by a standardized and systematic procedures, as well as provisions in force globally.

The goal is to ensure the plants from around the world an optimal level of security. Covestro meets in this sector all legal requirements. Additionally, facilities and processes are constantly adjusted to stay ahead.

However, in the event of accidents that could occur, in all sites I am always ready to step in and provide the necessary assistance of firefighters, doctors and health workers, as well as highly trained employees to enterprise security, working closely with the competent authorities. Very detailed emergency plans show how to handle any eventuality.

Covestro intends to minimize the risks related to its products ensuring a complex assistance throughout the product life cycle - from research and development to the use, application and disposal through manufacturing, packaging, storage and transport. For this purpose the experts of our company working in all business sectors in close collaboration with suppliers, customers, organizations, associations and other interest groups.


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