What Covestro thinks

Make the world a brigther place.
Sustainability at the heart of Covestro’s activities.

"How can we combine innovation and sustainability?". This is the most important question that defines the approach and goals of Covestro now and in the future.
Richard Northcote, Chief Sustainability Office
"Our company has always prospered, both ethically and economically, due to our constant strive to reduce the impact of our activities on the natural environment. The key concept here is innovation, in technology and all aspects of different business activities. By constantly pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve, we will be able to reconcile growth and sustainability. We have identified five stages that will enable us to achieve this ambitious goal. Let’s consider first of all the market growth in the next five years.

In the first three years we optimise the impact of the existing assets on a global scale and work to maximise the efficiency of the plants, even if it entails some restructuring procedures, in order to align the benchmark costs in the top-range chemical sector. We consolidate the Research & Development sector so that we can build up and maintain a competitive and profitable market position over time. All this, incorporating sustainability as a common thread and an indispensable element of every process and strategy.

Why though…? Because Covestro has always favoured sustainability as an ethical and cultural point of reference in business, adopting an approach based on the reconciliation of the People Planet Profit. This approach must relate to every business initiative, from the product life cycle to the high standards of collaboration with our partners".